Adenoids celebrex pills can be enlarged to varying degrees, it is customary to subdivide hypertrophy into 3 degrees. Doctors in other developed countries also distinguish grade 4 adenoids, dividing grade 3 and 4 into an almost blocked nasopharynx and a 100% closed posterior opening of the nasal passages.

Such a division into degrees is determined by roentgenologists, since the size of the adenoids is the easiest to see in the image - the shadow of the adenoids is visible in the lumen of the nasopharynx:

Grade 1 - when the growth covers 1/3 of the posterior opening of the nasal passages or choana. At the same time, the child experiences difficulty breathing only during sleep, and even if he snores and does not breathe well, with this degree of adenoids, it is not a question of removal, most likely, it is a prolonged rhinitis, which can be treated with conservative methods.

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1-2 degree - when the adenoids occupy from 1/3 to half of the lumen of the nasopharynx. Grade 2 - when the child's adenoids close 66% of the lumen of celecoxib. From this, the child develops snoring, periodic breathing through the mouth even during the day, without intelligible speech. It is also not considered an indication for surgery. Grade 3 - when the pharyngeal tonsil closes almost the entire lumen of the nasopharynx. At the same time, the child cannot breathe through his nose either at night or during the day. If the child sometimes breathes through the nose, this is not grade 3, but an accumulation of mucus that can occupy the entire nasopharynx.

Celebrex Treatment options for adenoids in children. There are 2 main options for treating adenoids in children - surgical removal and conservative. For more information about whether to agree to an operation to remove adenoids, about the methods of drug treatment, see our article - Treatment of adenoids in children.

Before agreeing to surgery, parents should use all possible treatments to avoid surgery

Conservative non-surgical treatment of adenoids is the most correct, priority direction in the treatment of hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil. : Drug therapy for adenoids consists primarily in the thorough removal of mucus, nasal and nasopharyngeal discharge. Only after cleansing, you can use local medicines, since the abundance of mucus significantly reduces the effectiveness of therapy.

Laser therapy - today this method is considered very effective, and most doctors consider it safe, although no one knows the long-term effects of laser exposure, long-term studies in the field of its application have not been carried out. Laser therapy reduces edema of lymphoid tissue, increases local immunity, reduces inflammatory processesss in adenoid tissue. Homeopathic remedies are the safest method of treatment, the effectiveness of which is very individual, homeopathy helps some children very well, for others it turns out to be poorly effective.

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In any case, it should be used because it is safe and possible to combine it with traditional treatment. It is especially recommended to take Lymphomyosot - a complex homeopathic preparation produced by the well-known German company Heel, as well as thuja oil for adenoids is considered a very effective remedy. Climatotherapy - treatment in the sanatoriums of the Crimea, Stavropol Territory, Sochi has a positive effect on the whole body, increases immunity and helps to reduce the proliferation of adenoids.

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Massage of the collar zone, face, breathing exercises are part of the complex treatment of adenoids in children. Physiotherapy is UFO, electrophoresis, UHF - procedures that the doctor prescribes endonasally, as a rule, 10 procedures.

Surgical treatment of Celebrex is possible only in the following cases: If all conservative treatment has failed and adenoiditis recurs more than 4 times a year, if complications such as otitis media, sinusitis develop, if the child has frequent stops or breath holding during sleep, frequent ARVI and other infectious diseases. It is worthwhile to beware of laser removal of adenoids, since there is a possibility of a negative effect of Celecoxib on the brain and the tissues surrounding the adenoid. Adenoids in children. Symptoms and treatment of adenoids in a child.

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